Experiential Marketing for Lifestyle Brands


This concept is for a new aromatherapy and lifestyle brand that is inspired by the aromatherapy sticks in Thailand. Available in 7/11s across Canada, the owners were looking for a fun marketing event for the lifestyle brand that would engage their potential customers.

The Campaign

Building off of the lifestyle brands' Thai-inspired roots, the Rebel Experiential Marketing team had identified three areas that would attract the brands' target customers. Of those three, we decided that Tuk Tuk races would be the most effective as it would be fun for all the lifestyle brands' audience, which included mothers and adventure seekers.

We quickly realized that the timing of construction on one of Vancouver's main streets would provide a great closed racetrack and sought permission from the local authorities.

While awaiting permits we started working with local universities giving them the challenge to build three electric-powered Tuk Tuks that would be emblazoned in the brands' colours. Many pieces of branded SWAG would also be handed out during the event as the universities raced their Tuk Tuks in a series of challenges.

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