Search Engine Optimization Success

The Rebel Thought Leadership Marketing team helped a Realtor's website go from page 7 to page 1 for their top keywords from our Vancouver and Fraser Valley SEO agency. Continue reading about how our SEO services for small businesses can assist your needs through on-page optimizations such as improving page speed, user experience, and content depth.

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  • SEO Services Rendered

    • Performed a comprehensive SEO audit
    • Assessed navigation and amended for optimal User Experience
    • Provided content rich area pages that added value 
    • Added Schema Markup for Google to have a deeper understanding of the site
    • Improved page speed and imagery
    • Found missing backlinks and requested links to them
    • Consulted on building the Realtor's personal brand via social media.
    • Ensured the website converted at all opportunities. 

  • SEO Results

    • Prior to enlisting our SEO services, the website was stuck on page 7 of Google's rankings.
    • After one year of our SEO services, the website was on page 1 consistently.
    • We doubled the number of leads year-over-year.
    • They have tripled the number of homes that they are the listing agent for year over year.
    • The Realtor was voted one of the top 10 real estate specialists in their area for the first time in 2018.

SEO Services for Small Businesses

Start with a comprehensive SEO audit for small businesses and then improve your website to move the needle on your local search rankings. Start attracting people who are searching for your services today.

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SEO Services for Realtors

Homebuyers and sellers are researching online for a Realtor more than ever, make sure that they find you through our real estate SEO services.                                                                              Build your real estate empire today.

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